Breaking down Cassel and Orton injuries

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Because the new leadership in Denver and Kansas City come from the New England school of disclosing injury information, not much is being said about the injuries suffered during the weekend by Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel and Denver quarterback Kyle Orton.

However, ESPN's medical analyst Stephania Bell has a opinion. She breaks down both situations:


Injury: Reported sprained MCL.

Bell: I heard the healing time on Cassel is two to four weeks, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was three to five weeks. At the earliest, he could be back in two weeks, but I don't think he'd be ready to play a game (Kansas City opens at Baltimore on Sept. 13). I just don't see him being fully healed for another three to four weeks.


Injury: Lacerated index finger on his throwing hand.

Bell: This could be a tricky one. It looked like a deep cut and the team has to worry about tendons. If a tendon was cut, he'll need surgery and could miss a bunch of time -- four to six weeks, perhaps a little longer. But even if it's not a serious injury, it's not simple. He could have a scab that will make it difficult for him to throw the ball. It could be a difficult healing process.

Meanwhile, Bell said Denver receiver Brandon Marshall must stay diligent in his rehabilitation from a March hip surgery while he is suspended from the team. The earliest Marshall will be brought back is Sept. 6.

Bell: Part of the injury is working through it on the practice field. With him away, he's not getting that work. He has to stay with it or it could be a problem.