Reviewing AFC West Power Rankings

The following is a look at how the AFC West teams fared in our Week 2 NFL Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but of course, I have an opinion:

San Diego Chargers

Power ranking: 9

My range: 5-7

Why: The Chargers were shaky at times against Minnesota, but they made big plays on both sides of the ball when they had to.

Oakland Raiders

Power ranking: 18

My range: 16-18

Why: The Raiders had their issues, but it showed it is the type of team that can do enough to win when it counts.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power ranking: 21

My range: 22-24

Why: I’m not ready to bury the Chiefs quite yet, but their on-field issues and mounting injuries doesn’t create much excitement.

Denver Broncos

Power ranking: 28

My range: 26-28

Why: The Broncos showed they still have a lot to work on after Week 1.