Did the lockout hurt Tebow's growth?

Denver Broncos coach John Fox dropped a hint to why second-year quarterback Tim Tebow has yet to hit the field as his primary quarterback.

In a radio interview with a San Diego station, Fox said Tebow would have benefitted from an off-season workout program that wasn't in place because of the lockout, that ended in late July. Fox said the lack of an offseason program hurts “some growth” for a young player.

When asked what the difference was between a player like Tebow while at Florida and a player like Tebow in the NFL, Fox answered this way: “Again, sometimes, it is a level jump. There’s no doubt. It’s not the same as college. It is a different game. You gotta come in and learn a new system. You gotta learn different coverages. It’s just a different game and it takes a minute for any rookie, in particular at quarterback, which may be the hardest position in sports to know and learn and plus a level jump, so there’s no doubt in my mind that Tebow will be a good quarterback in this league. I think with no offseason that hurts some growth. It’s just a lot to put on a young player.”

It was visual that Tebow struggled during training camp and a lot of that he regressed. There’s no doubt the lost time of the lockout hurt him. Had Fox been able to work with Tebow like a normal year, perhaps he’d be closer to taking over the 1-3 Broncos.

Fox told the radio station he has high hopes for Tebow. But it is a matter of time.

“I think just overall,” said Fox when asked what Tebow needs to improve upon. “Just playing under center versus in the shotgun is an adjustment. Your footwork, your timing, your drops. Just the reads, the defenses and the different coverages you get in this league versus at the college level, so it’s like anything else. The more you do it the better you get and he’s continuing to improve and will continue to do so.”