How many wins will Tebow need?

What is going to be Tim Tebow's magic number?

How many victories will Tebow need this season to prove to the Denver Broncos' brass that he should be given the chance to remain their quarterback in 2012?

Just because the Broncos brass -- which wasn’t responsible for drafting Tebow at the No. 25 in the first round in 2010 – -- made Tebow the starting quarterback, it doesn’t mean it is sold on Tebow. The Broncos are 1-4 and the team knows Tebow gives the Broncos energy.

But leadership wants to see Tebow show he can truly help this team win. If not, the Broncos will look for their quarterback of the future next offseason, likely in the first round of next year’s draft.

If Tebow leads Denver to a 6-5 record down the stretch (three of Denver’s next four games are on the road beginning Oct. 23 at Miami), he will likely get a chance to start next year.

But what if Tebow goes 4-7 the rest of the season? Will that be enough?

I think anything less that four wins, will be an indication to Denver that it has to move on unless Tebow makes dramatic strides as a pocket passer despite the defeats.

If Denver finishes 4-12, it will likely have a prime draft pick and a shot at Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones. He is considered a prototypical NFL quarterback and the best quarterback prospect behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck, who is a lock to be the No. 1 pick.

It’s up to Tebow to compile the wins and convince the Broncos he is the man for the future.