Philip Rivers new division QBR leader

Let’s look at how the AFC West’s four starting quarterbacks rated in ESPN Stats & Information’s Total QBR after Week 5:

Philip Rivers, San Diego

Week 5 QBR: 67.1

Weekly NFL ranking: 10

Season QBR: 62.0

Season NFL ranking: 9

Comment: Rivers has still made too many turnovers.

Jason Campbell, Oakland

Week 5 QBR: 46.1

Weekly NFL ranking: 19

Season QBR: 58.6

Season NFL ranking: 12

Comment: He’s doing enough to win.

Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Week 5 QBR: 86.5

Weekly NFL ranking: 4

Season QBR: 55.0

Season NFL ranking: 14

Comment: Cassel has been one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL in recent weeks.

Kyle Orton, Denver

Week 5 QBR: 5.1

Weekly NFL ranking: 28

Season QBR: 47.9

Season NFL ranking: 20

Comment: The Broncos have seen enough.

Tim Tebow, Denver

Week 5 QBR: 83.2

Weekly NFL ranking: 5

Season QBR: NA

Season NFL ranking: NA

Comment: It was a good start. Can Denver’s new starter keep it up?