Is Palmer Plunkett 2.0?

Comparing Jim Plunkett to recent Oakland Raiders quarterbacks has become vogue.

In the summer of 2010, Oakland owner Al Davis said then new Oakland quarterback Jason Campbell reminded him of Plunkett. Davis said Campbell could enjoy a career resurgence in Oakland and could win Super Bowl titles.

Now that the injured Campbell has been replaced by Carson Palmer, the Plunkett comparison is being revisited in Oakland.

There are some similarities between Plunkett and Palmer. Both are from California. Both won the Heisman Trophy. Both were No. 1 overall picks.

Plunkett was 30 when he joined the Raiders after an injury-field career. Palmer, who has dealt with knee and elbow issues in the past, is 31. Plunkett was 34-53 in the NFL before he joined the Raiders. Palmer is 46-51.

Plunkett -- who is still affiliated with the Raiders at the age of 63 -- won two Super Bowls after he was dealt with the Raiders. There’s no wonder why Oakland and its fans hope this Plunkett comparison comes true.