Raiders not a logical landing spot for Seymour

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

If you were to tell me Saturday night that Richard Seymour would wake up a member of the AFC West on Sunday morning Oakland would not have been my first pick.

It would have been my fourth pick, truth be told.

First of all, the Raiders run a 4-3 defense and Seymour has been part of a 3-4 defense for several years. All of the three other teams in the AFC west run a 3-4 defense.

Then there’s the New England connection. Kansas City’s new general manager Scott Pioli was a long-time executive with the Patriots. You think he would have an interest in Seymour. Still, the Chiefs have several young defensive linemen and it’s highly doubtful that Pioli would give up a first-round pick for Seymour considering he is 29 and he is set to be a free agent next year. Oakland surrendered a 2011 first rounder for Seymour.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels, who was previously New England’s offensive coordinator, has been more than willing to give up future draft picks and he loves dealing with New England. And the Raiders have a need on the defensive line.

If anywhere in the division, my first guess for Seymour’s landing spot would be Denver. But Seymour is heading to the Silver and Black.

I would have never guessed it.