Poll results: Give Tebow time

If it was up to the readers, the Denver Broncos would take all the mystery out of the rest the season and allow Tim Tebow to play the final nine games of the season regardless of his production.

In our AFC West poll, as of 8:05 a.m. ET, 47 percent of the voters believe Tebow should be Denver’s quarterback in the final games of the season. However, 27 percent of the voters believe Tebow’s leash should extend just through November and 26 percent believe Tebow’s leash should simply be the next 1-2 games.

Tebow has started the past two games and he has not played well. There are rumblings the Broncos are willing to give Tebow the rest of the season, but he must show improvement. If Tebow continues to struggle, Denver could turn to Brady Quinn at some point this season.

Still, it seems much of the fan base is not willing to see Denver give up on Tebow too soon. Thanks to everyone who participated.