Orton should be a happy Chief

There were reports earlier Wednesday that quarterback Kyle Orton was trying to spread the word to Kansas City that he wanted to go to Chicago on a waiver claim and that he could consider not reporting to Kansas City if the Chiefs claimed him.

Well, either the Chiefs didn’t get the word or they did and they didn’t care. A day after Denver waived its disposed starting quarterback, Kansas City claimed Orton and it will likely make him its starting quarterback for the stretch run. Dallas and Chicago also claimed Orton. The Chiefs were awarded him because they have a worse record than the other two teams.

I don’t think the Chiefs have anything to worry about. I fully expect Orton to report.

Perhaps Orton’s representatives were trying to spoke the Chiefs because Orton really wanted to play for the Bears. That’s fine. Orton had the right to want to go some teams more than other teams. But the reality is, he had no say in this since he is not a free agent yet. He will be after the season.

That’s one of the reasons why Orton must report. If he didn’t, teams may stay away from him in free agency. Now, he has a chance to impress teams down the stretch and give himself better game film that he had when he had a 1-4 record in Denver earlier this season.

Also, if Orton didn’t report to the Chiefs, he’d forfeit the remaining $2.5 million on his contract this season. Why would he give up that much money just because he wanted to go to the Bears?

After what Orton has had to endure the past month and a half, I’m sure he’ll relish the opportunity to go to Kansas City and end the season as the starter. I fully expect Orton to arrive happily in Kansas City.