AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Diego from Albuquerque wants to know if I think Oakland defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan could be fired after the season.

Bill Williamson: It depends. If the Raiders hire a general manager, maybe he could make that call. But I bet coach Hue Jackson has a major role in making the decision no matter what happens in the front office. Jackson likes Bresnahan and the two have worked together. I could see Bresnahan getting another chance. But the Raiders’ biggest problems on defense the past few seasons continued this year under Bresnahan –- they give up way too many plays. Sooner or later, this talented unit has to play better.

Damian from Kansas City wants to know if I think Norv Turner could end up as the Chiefs’ offensive next year if he is fired by the Chargers.

BW: I don’t necessarily see that as a fit. I think Turner would look at other options. I just have a feeling that if Tuner gets fired, he’d probably look for an opportunity in which the head coach is a defensive-minded coach. I couldn’t see Turner running another offensive-minded coach’s system.

Jeff from Boulder, Colo., wants to know who I think will be the first to be shown the door in Kansas City, coach Todd Haley, offensive coordinator Bill Muir or quarterback Matt Cassel.

BW: If I had to guess, I’d say all three will be back in Kansas City in 2012. If was told I had to say one would leave Kansas City after the season, I’d say Muir. But that would be mostly based on I think Haley and Cassel will get another. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs looked for another option at offensive coordinator, perhaps finding a more dynamic option. But, again, I wouldn’t be stunned if Muir stayed in his role.