AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Matt from Fort Collins, Co. wants know if the Raiders trade if Richard Seymour can be voided.

Bill Williamson:It depends if it was written into the contract. If so, the Raiders will be able to recoup their first round pick in 2011 if he fails the physical. If it not written into the deal. Then Seymour will be Raiders' property. The way the Patriots are moving away from the situation could be an indication that there is no fall-back plan for the Raiders if Seymour never reports or fails his physical.

Jesse Kemp of San Diego wonders if I think Travis Johnson will excel in San Diego after being a first-round flop in Houston.

BW: This is certainly the hope of the Chargers. Johnson was drafted when Houston still ran a 3-4 defense. He never fit into the 4-3 scheme used by the new regime. So, San Diego thinks he is a perfect fit for their defense. He can play both end and tackle. Johnson, who is from Southern California, believes this rebirth will ignite his career. The Chargers only gave up a future fifth-rounder, so there is little risk. Johnson is very athletic. If he can enjoy a resurgence, it will be a huge spark for the Chargers.

Nathan from Brooklyn, NY wants to know if Champ Bailey is still an elite cornerback.

BW: I believe so. He needs to stay healthy after suffering his first injury-plagued season. Bailey is 31, so he won’t be great forever, but I think he is still very much a top-tier cornerback. He is one of the very best at his position. He looked good in training camp and in the preseason. If Bailey can stay healthy, he will be a major impact player once again. He gets a stiff early test Sunday at Cincinnati in the form of Chad OchoCinco, but don’t expect Bailey to get embarrassed. He’ll hold his own.