AFC West mailbag

Midweek mail call:

Rick from Phoenix wants to know if I think the Kansas City Chiefs will pursue Bill Cowher to be their coach.

Bill Williamson: I don’t see that as a fit. First, Cowher has maintained he will not coach next season. Also, I don’t see Cowher wanting to work with a powerful general manager like Scott Pioli. Cowher would likely want to call his own shots. The coach will not get that opportunity in Kansas City.

Pete from S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., wants to know if I think Oakland coach Hue Jackson could be in danger of losing his job.

BW: I don’t think so. Jackson should be safe. He gets along with Mark Davis, the son of the late Al Davis. The Raiders want to build some stability and they believe in Jackson. The Raiders may bring in some front-office help for Jackson, but expect to see him on the sideline in Oakland next year.

Paul from Kansas City wants to know if San Diego fired Norv Turner and Kansas City makes Romeo Crennel the interim coach, could we see Turner end up as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator.

BW: It’s an interesting question. If Crennel -- a defensive specialist -- is hired, he will look for a strong offensive coordinator. Turner could be interested. I think Josh McDaniels -- if the Rams’ staff is fired and if he isn’t hired as the Chiefs’ head coach -- would also interest Crennel. But if Turner is available, I could see him being on the Chiefs’ list.