Video: Elway's 2012 Tebow options

This ESPN Rumor Central video asks whether or not John Elway and the Broncos will have to go with Tim Tebow as quarterback next year.

Chris Sprow says that there are rumors that no quarterback will want to go to Denver through the draft or in free agency to compete with Tebow partly, because fans will be so much in Tebow’s favor. That is probably true.

However, if a new starting-quality quarterback is brought in, it will be as the sure starter. The only way Denver will go away from Tebow is if it feels it has a better option.

Denver likely won’t have someone compete with Tebow. The Broncos are either going to be all in on Tebow or they are going to move away from him. They will not be wishy-washy here.

All the indications I get is that Denver is leaning toward going with Tebow next year and it could announce its commitment toward him shortly after this season.

And, remember, Tebow is in the midst of a contract. Denver doesn’t have to marry him long term. It could give him another year in which he should benefit from an offseason and see what happens, then it could see how he progresses after next season. Expect him to get that chance unless he completely regresses in the next couple of weeks.