AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Donald from parts unknown wants to know if Denver could draft Houston quarterback Case Keenum or Boise State’s Kellen Moore.

Bill Williamson: At this point, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what Denver will do in the draft at quarterback. I have a feeling it may take a quarterback, but it may not do it until the third day. I think the Broncos aren’t looking for a young quarterback to compete with Tim Tebow this year, so there is no need to draft one early. That could happen next year if Tebow fails in 2012. However, as far as this draft goes, Denver football leader John Elway may look for a bargain that fits what he likes. Both Keenum and Moore are considered third-day picks. They are successful, capable quarterbacks, but they both lack ideal NFL quarterback size. I think if a player like Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden was available in the fourth or fifth round, he could interest Elway more because of his size.

Evan from San Diego wants to know if the Chargers may move cornerback Quentin Jammer to safety.

BW: It has already been reported that Jammer will not move to safety next year. Jammer, who’ll turn 33 in June, saw his production slip some in 2011. I think he could be moved to safety down the road. But for now, expect the Chargers to pursue a starting safety (perhaps in the first round of the draft) to pair with Eric Weddle and then try to add another cornerback to the rotation.

Dennis from Ontario, Ore. wants to know if the Broncos could take Oregon’s LaMichael James in the second or third round.

BW: The only thing I worry about James fitting in Denver is his lack of size. He is more of a change of pace back and Denver may be looking for a bigger back that projects to be able to carry a bigger load. However, if he is available in the third round and the Broncos like him, perhaps it will be a fit. Still, I think Denver will be looking for a more complete back early in the draft.