Chat wrap: Don't be swayed by numbers

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Daylon from Wyoming: Fox has never been a big on receiving TE's, but I think one would help Tebow immensely. You see Fox going after one after drafting two duds (so far) last draft?

Bill Williamson: They have a solid on in Daniel Fells and they are high on Julius Thomas. Hitting the tight ends is something Tebow will have to improve on. Fells was open a lot last season.


Scott from Oregon: If the chiefs don't sign Bowe would they consider V. Jackson of the Bolts?

BW: I think that could be a possibility. What about Wes Welker. Make Baldwin the deep threat and Welker (who knows Pioli well) a possession guy. Still, that might be a pipedream because I have a hard time seeing Welker leaving the Patriots.


John from CA. Do you think the raiders should have hired the DC of a top 5 defense (Chuck Pagano) instead of the DC of the 20th ranked defense

BW: I'm not sure if a coach should be hired simply on rankings. The big picture here is Allen immensely improved the worst defense in the NFL and he has a big upside. Don’t you think the Ravens have better talent on defense than the Broncos do?


Nick W. from Indianapolis: What does San Diego need to do to get to a Super Bowl?

BW: Better pass rush, better health and better ball security.