Chat Wrap: Justin Houston's future

The following are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Kevin from Boulder: Do you think that having Del Rio as the broncos DC could draw in some good FA's?

Bill Williamson: I don't think it would hurt. I think Del Rio was the best possible hire. I think Denver's defense will be in good shape with Fox and Del Rio leading it.


Ed from Michigan: Hi Bill, what do you see from the Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston in year two? He sure did come on late his rookie year.

BW: Potential stardom. I love his talent. He can be the goods and he is a big reason why there is so much excitement over this defense.


Robert from Forty Fort, PA.: Why do you think Allen is having a hard time finding a DC? Do you think it’s because he doesn't know many people in the league being young and all?

BW: It's killed him that he was denied permission so much. He had a plan, but he's been blocked and now he is down to, at least, his fifth choice. It doesn't mean this will be a bad hire, but it the process has been difficult.


Matt from San Diego: What are the chances that Antonio Gates gets into Canton? Will his recent health issues and lower productivity prevent him from achieving this?

BW: It's difficult for tight ends to get in. Winning a Super Bowl would help. I think he could get in either way, but it may take a while.