Mailbag: College reunion in San Diego?

Weekend mail call:

Bronson from Raleigh, NC wants to know if former North Carolina State teammates Philip Rivers and Jerricho Cotchery could play together in San Diego in 2012.

Bill Williamson: I know why you ask. Rivers and Cotchery go all the way back to being basketball opponents in Alabama. They had a great working relationship at NC State and they remain close friends. But the truth is, Cotchery was available last year and the Chargers didn’t bite. He is not a top-level player, so I think the Chargers will look at several other options first.

Rico from Fresno wants to know if I think the Raiders could sign Tennessee cornerback Cortland Finnegan now that they cut Stanford Routt.

BW: Well, I think Finnegan was a dream target of Oakland’s before it cut Routt. The question is if Oakland can afford Finnegan. The Raiders don’t have any proven starters on their roster and they have a small draft class. Cornerback help will be needed in free agency. Finnegan may be tough to get. New Orleans’ Tracy Porter may be more affordable, plus he played for new Oakland head coach Dennis Allen in New Orleans.

Derron from Campbell River wants to know if I think Denver could sign Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch in free agency.

BW: Lynch would certainly be someone who would be attractive to Oakland. Yet, I think Lynch will either re-sign with Seattle or be franchised. I just don’t see him getting to the open market. The Broncos will either sign a free agent running back or take one early in the draft, but obtaining Lynch may not be an option.