Chat wrap: Could Broncos make a play for RG3?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Benw32 from CO, The Best Place On Earth: Bill, do you think the RGIII "mystery candidate" resides in the AFC West?

Bill Williamson: Could be the Broncos. But that's no mystery. The Broncos scouted him during the season often. The problem is, there is little chance they can move up from No. 25 all the way up to No. 2 to get him.


Aaron from Wichita Falls, TX.: If the Chiefs aren't prepared to mortgage the farm for RG3 and are not confident in Manning's health, do you feel Orton or Campbell would be the best competition for Cassel?

BW: It could come down to that scenario, although I might put Chad Henne in the mix. I think Orton and Campbell are comparable, although I think Campbell may have slightly some more upside. Crennel loves Orton, but quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn knows Campbell well. It could be very interesting.


Andy from Chicago: From coaches comments it looks like DMC isn’t going anywhere. So to me it seems we lose Bush. Who else can we add with DMC and Jones? You think Reece could get a larger role next season?

BW: It seems like McFadden is very much in the Raiders' plan and it is starting to look like Bush will be gone. I think the Raiders will go in-house with Jones and Reece (in some situations) as a backup.


Mattybyd99 from Alderaan: Bill, do you think the Chargers are willing to give Mario Williams or Robert Mathis a big money contract?

BW: I'm hearing Mathis is high on their list. Williams may be one of the biggest free agents on the board, but Mathis is a high quality player who is may be a tad cheaper. If Mathis doesn't sign with the Colts, the Chargers may be in play.