Manning not only QB on Broncos' mind

The Denver Broncos are in full-blown quarterback mode these days.

They are in hot pursuit of free-agent prize Peyton Manning and the team’s brass, led by executive VP John Elway and coach John Fox, will be at the pro day of Brandon Weeden at Oklahoma State on Friday.

Yes, somewhere, Tim Tebow should be taking notice.

I think Manning is, by far, the Broncos' top priority. If they can’t land him, they will turn to other quarterbacks, although Denver could still draft a quarterback prospect if Manning, who will turn 36 this month, is signed.

There is little chance Weeden would join Manning in Denver. Weeden will be 29 during the season. With Manning likely playing for the next three-four years, there is no way an older quarterback would be groomed to take over for Manning.

But if Denver doesn’t get Manning, Weeden could be a possibility in the first or second round for Denver.

If Manning is signed, Tebow will either be traded or groomed as a backup. If Weeden is signed, Tebow would likely still get a chance to prove himself, at least, in training camp.

Meanwhile, Peter King tweeted that the word in the league is the Broncos “desperately” want Manning. That jibes with what I heard several times in the past couple of days.

Also, the Broncos might have a secret weapon in the recruitment of Manning.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are also interested in Manning, There is a report from radio host Brandon Spano that the Chiefs have offered Manning a contract. There has been no confirmation of that, though.