Bucs pushing hard for Vincent Jackson

If the San Diego Chargers want Vincent Jackson back -- and they do very much -- they better hope the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t offer him too much.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Jackson and the Buccaneers are negotiating a deal. The Buccaneers more have than $40 million in salary-cap room. The Chargers have less than $20 million. If the Chargers’ offer is competitive with Tampa Bay’s, I think Jackson will opt to stay in San Diego. But the Buccaneers can make it very difficult for the Chargers to keep Jackson. The Chargers opted against giving Jackson the franchise tag for the second straight year. He would have been paid more than $13 million this season had he received the tag.

If Jackson goes, the Chargers may turn to Reggie Wayne or Brandon Lloyd.

There has been other movement at receiver by teams that wanted Jackson.

Chicago traded Miami for Brandon Marshall and Colts’ free-agent receiver Pierre Garcon announced he will sign with the Washington Redskins. Another team expected to make a push for Jackson, the Buffalo Bills, are pursuing New Orleans receiver Robert Meachem.