Scout: Wisniewski move would work well

It appears Stefen Wisniewski is going to move to center in Oakland for his second season.

Nothing is official, but there are indications the Oakland Raiders will use former right guard Cooper Carlisle at left guard and use newly signed Mike Brisiel at right guard. That would enable the Raiders to move Wisniewski from left guard to center. He had a strong season as a rookie at left guard, but the Raiders drafted him in the second round last year the plan was to use him at center.

Carlisle was re-signed Monday after being a salary-cap dump last week. If Wisniewski is in fact moving to center, Matt Williamson of Scouts thinks it will work.

“No doubt about it,” Williamson said. “I didn’t think he was quite as good as a rookie as many made him out to be, but I also don’t have any worry that he will be a legitimate NFL starting center.”

The Raiders are expected to use the zone-blocking scheme and he thinks a interior line of Wisniewski, Brisiel and Carlisle could be a serviceable group.

“I can’t argue too much with the moves and they all are mobile and fit the new blocking scheme,” Williamson said.