Mailbag: Doug Martin staying a Bronco?

Mid-week mail call:

Ben from Temecula, Ca. wants to know if the Broncos could draft Boise State running back Doug Martin.

Bill Williamson: Martin has been moving up draft boards and there is a thought he could be a late first-round pick. If the top players at defensive tackle are gone, I think Denver could trade down from No. 25. If that is the case, I think Martin could be in play for Denver in the 35-40 range. If he is still on the board when Denver picks at No. 57, he’d surely be a possibility.

Stephen from Salt Lake City wants to know if the Raiders could take Boise State safety George Iloka with the No. 95 pick.

BW: Iloka is an interesting prospect. A lot of teams like him and he projects as a potential solid starter. He can flat-out hit folks. I think if he is available at No. 95, Oakland could pounce. But all four teams in the AFC West could use a safety and I think Iloka is a prospect for every team in the division. I know Denver and San Diego like him.

Tommy from Kansas City wants to know if I think Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly would be a good fit for the Chiefs at No. 11.

BW: If the Chiefs stay at No. 11, I think Kuechly could be a top target. He is a tackle machine who many scouts think is a safe pick. He also looks like a solid fit for Romeo Crennel’s defense, so I don’t see too many negatives if the Chiefs do take Kuechly.