Could Oakland revisit Garcia?

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Well, Raider Nation, Jeff Garcia is available again.

The Philadelphia Eagles have cut the quarterback after he was signed two weeks ago to be an insurance policy. Garcia, 39, asked to be released by Oakland in early September because he was not pleased being the No. 2 quarterback with the Raiders. The team was fully committed to quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

However, Russell has been awful in Oakland’s first three games. He has a passer rating of 39.7 in 2009. His production has dipped in each game this season. He threw for 61 yards and had two first-quarter interceptions in a 23-3 loss at home to Denver on Sunday.

Russell was the No. 1 overall pick in 2007. Monday, Oakland coach Tom Cable maintained his commitment to Russell.

However, with Garcia now available, the Raiders could be tempted to call him if they think they may be close to pulling the plug on Russell, at least for this season. The Raiders have more problems than just Russell, but he is bringing the team down.

If the Raiders think they can improve with Garcia, they could decide to call him. I’m sure Garcia would reconsider playing for Oakland if it meant he’d be the starter.