Poll results: Bowe to go in 2013

If our poll takers are correct, the Kansas City Chiefs may be soon waving so long to Dwayne Bowe.

In our AFC West poll this week, we asked readers if they think Bowe will be in Kansas City in 2013. As of 7:55 p.m. ET Wednesday, 63 percent of the voters believe Bowe will not be a Chief, while 37 percent believe he will be back in Kansas City next season.

Bowe, who was given the franchise tag this season, did not come to an agreement on a contract extension by the deadline last week. Now, the Chiefs and Bowe must wait until after the 2012 season to agree on an extension. The Chiefs could franchise Bowe again if a new deal isn’t signed, or they can allow Bowe to test the free-agent market. There has been speculation that the team may currently not trust Bowe enough to give him a long-term deal

I’m a bit surprised the poll was so lopsided. I think if Bowe has a strong season, the Chiefs will keep him either as the franchised player or with a new deal. However, if he struggles on or off the field, all bets are off. Thanks to everyone who played along.