Breaking down Clayton's QB rankings

August, 23, 2012
John Clayton’s annual quarterback rankings are on He has some interesting thoughts on the AFC West’s signal callers. Let‘s take a look:

6. Peyton Manning, Denver:

Too high, too low or just right: Just right. Manning is still an elite player, but ranking him higher after a year off might not be wise. Six is a good, solid spot for him.

7. Philip Rivers, San Diego

Too high, too low or just right: Just right. Rivers is an elite quarterback, but he lacks a Super Bowl ring. So, he can’t be ranked higher than he is. Being the seventh best quarterback in a golden age isn’t too shabby, though.

20. Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Too high, too low or just right: Just right, although he wouldn’t be surprised if he makes strides this year. He has a lot of pressure on him, and he has looked good in the preseason. But as of now, you can’t argue with No. 20.

21. Carson Palmer, Oakland

Too high, too low or just right: Too low. I think Palmer’s best days are behind him, but I think he can still be a positive player. I’m surprised he is ranked last among the AFC West quarterbacks.

Bill Williamson | email

ESPN Oakland Raiders reporter



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