Chat wrap: A Terrelle Pryor plan

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Branden from London: What are the odds we trade Knowshon Moreno to the Lions? What would we get in return?

Bill Williamson: I've seen the speculation. It all depends if Denver thinks it has better backup options. If Moreno is dealt, don't expect a ton back for the former first-rounder.


Nick from Afghanistan: What do you expect out of Poe in the preseason final at Green Bay.

BW: Continued progress. I want to see him continue to get better at his technique and pass-rush. I know some people are down on him, but the Chiefs are not among those people. They think he's coming along fine.


Daniel from Great Falls, Mont.: Will Pryor get special package for season play ?

BW: He has to, doesn't he? Let him go try to make a couple of plays late in the game against a tired defense. I don't think Oakland can over do it with Pryor, but he can help. He'd be a nice weapon on two-point conversions.


Mike from Temecula, Calif.: Can the Chargers risk starting rookie Mike (Harris) at LT if Gaither is out for a while as seem to be the case..Or does AJ Smith on the phones as we speak

BW: I don't think Mike Harris can be the starter in Week 1, not against Oakland’s D-line. He'd be eaten alive. The Chargers might have to do something.