Poll results: Cassel should be benched

Not surprisingly, the fans want Matt Cassel out.

In our AFC West poll this week, we asked if the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback should be benched. The question was fueled by the Chiefs’ 1-3 start and Cassel’s three interceptions in a home loss to San Diego on Sunday.

The masses have spoken and it is not good for Cassel. As of 10 a.m. ET Wednesday, 71 percent of the voters believe Cassel should get the hook, while only 29 percent believe the Chiefs should continue to stick with him.

Count me among the minority on this one. I believe Cassel should stay for one reason -- there is no one on the Chiefs’ roster better equipped to take the team to the playoffs. If Cassel continues to fail, yes, yank him and move forward with a new quarterback of the future next year. But four games into the season is too early to make the call with Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi as your only other options. I don’t see anyone else who could be available around the NFL right now who could lead this team to the playoffs, either.

Still, I understand the fan sentiment and I’m not shocked by this landslide at all. Thanks to everyone who played along.