Chat wrap: How Chiefs can get a top QB

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


McNutty from Seattle: Seems like (Dan) Koppen is an upgrade over (J.D.) Walton in Denver. Agree?

Bill Williamson: Might be. I never got the sense the Broncos loved Walton. Koppen has the skins on the wall that's for sure.


Nathan M. from Texas: If the Chiefs finish 6-10 and have a chance to move up to take Geno Smith or Matt Barkley, do they do it? And what are their options other than that?

BW: It all depends on the draft order. I'd think, if they both do the right things, Barkley and Smith, have a chance to be top 3 picks. The Chiefs will need to have a pretty good pick to be able to trade up. Remember, the Redskins gave up a mint to move from No. 6 to No. 2 to get RGIII. If the Chiefs want one of these two players, they may need to have a top-three pick and at this point, that is possible.


Matt from San Jose: With the Raiders coming off a bye and the Falcons coming off a physical game vs. Washington, is there a glimmer of hope for an upset?

BW: Always a glimmer. But the Falcons are at home and they are clicking offensively. It will be tough. Yet, every good team has a stinker. Maybe it will come this week in Atlanta.


Rick from Marina, Ca.: Is (Corey) Liuget having a breakout season

BW: Corey Liuget is becoming a man. A big man. He is tremendous. Be very excited about him, San Diego.