Division lead at stake

The Oakland Raiders competed hard in Atlanta, while the Kansas City Chiefs were blasted in Tampa Bay.

But the bottom line is both teams failed to move forward in the AFC West on the eve of the most critical game in the division to date.

Oakland fell to 1-4 and Kansas City is 1-5. Monday night in San Diego, the 3-2 Chargers host the 2-3 Broncos.

If the Chargers win, they will be in control of the division. If the Broncos win, it would tighten the division and will make the race interesting. The Chiefs are floundering, but the Raiders have to feel good about their improvement after their showing in Atlanta on Sunday, especially since their next three games are against teams with a combined four wins.

Still, the top of the division is at stake Monday and it will be taken by the only team in the division to win in Week 6.

Meanwhile, an Insider piece examines whether the Chargers’ offensive line can hold up against Denver on Monday night.