NFL Power Rankings: K.C. hits rock bottom

October, 16, 2012
Here's a look at how the AFC West teams fared in the Week 7 Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but I do have an opinion:

Denver Broncos
  • Power ranking: 12
  • My range: 11-13
  • Comment: The Broncos are set up for a nice post-bye run.
San Diego Chargers
  • Power ranking: 16
  • My range: 13-15
  • Comment: The season is not over, but the Chargers have to snap out of it quickly.
Oakland Raiders
  • Power ranking: 29
  • My range: 27-29
  • Comment: The Raiders have hope after a close call in Atlanta.
Kansas City Chiefs
  • Power ranking: 32
  • My range: 31-32.
  • Comment: The film doesn’t lie. The Chiefs are awful right now. This ranking won’t make the team’s beleaguered fans any happier.

Bill Williamson | email

ESPN Oakland Raiders reporter



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