Poll results: Raiders roll

The landslide results in our AFC West poll this week is not a surprise.

I mean, really, who could have confidence in the Kansas City Chiefs right now?

Our poll asked which AFC West one-win team, Kansas City (1-5) or the Oakland Raiders (1-4) will end up with a better season. As of 2:45 p.m. ET Wednesday, 85 percent of the votes were in favor of Oakland.

It's hard to argue with those numbers. The Chiefs have a quarterback controversy, several injuries and they look totally lost. Oakland has not been good either and it has dealt with its share of injuries. But the Raiders did play hard at Atlanta last week. I’m not sure if either team will end up with a winning season, but I think the immediate future looks brighter for Oakland.

The two teams mett in Kansas City on Oct. 28. Thanks to everyone who played along.