Mailbag: Denver's future at CB

Midweek mail call:

Lincoln from Kemmerer, Wyo., wants to know if I think any of the three current quarterbacks on the Kansas City Chiefs' roster will be on the team next year.

Bill Williamson: I think it may be too early to tell, but I could see a scenario where all three are gone. I really can’t see a situation where all there are back. Matt Cassel will be gone. Unless there is a dramatic turnaround, the Chiefs will have a new starting quarterback next season and I wouldn’t think Cassel would be kept to stay as the backup. He will likely do that for another team next season. As for Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi, the Chiefs may consider keeping them, but there is a chance for a clean sweep as well. The key is Cassel’s future and it doesn’t look like it includes Kansas City.

Nick Stewart from Lee’s Summit, Mo., wants to know if I think cornerbacks Chris Harris and Tony Carter are the future at the position for Denver.

BW: Both are nice players and have value right now. They were outstanding in a Week 6 win at San Diego when Tracy Porter was ill. Porter is signed to just a one-year deal and Champ Bailey is 34, so there is a chance both of these players could slide into a bigger role at some point. Denver should be very happy they possess both of these instinctual playmakers.

Derek from L.A. wants to know if St. Louis running back Steven Jackson could be traded to the AFC West.

BW: If he is available, there have been rumors he is, I could see maybe Denver and San Diego being interested. He could help both teams, particularly San Diego. He likely won’t be overly expensive and it might be worthwhile for these teams to add a big, strong back like Jackson for the stretch run.