Poll results: Brady Quinn is the right call

According to our readers, the Kansas City Chiefs made the right call by making Brady Quinn their starting quarterback over Matt Cassel.

Quinn takes over Sunday at home against Oakland and will remain the starter for the foreseeable future. Cassel struggled in the aftermath of a concussion before Quinn replaced him in Week 6. However, now that Cassel is healthy, Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel has decided to give Quinn a chance.

Some 62 percent of voters in our AFC West poll agree with Crennel, while 38 percent don’t. I understand -- and I expected the lopsided vote. I agree that Cassel’s time in Kansas City is up, but I don’t think Quinn will fare much better in the long run. The Chiefs will need to find a new starter next year, likely through the draft. But for now, it’s Quinn’s turn. Thanks to everyone who played along.