Mailbag: Time to get rid of Rivers?

Friday mail call:

Sean from Salt Lake City wants to know if I think the Chargers will move away from Philip Rivers soon.

Bill Williamson: No, I don’t see that happening. Yes, Rivers’ play has slipped some. But he has had some good moments this year as well. I think Rivers is one of the best things the Chargers have going for themselves, along with a young crew of defensive players. If the Chargers make a coaching change, the presence of Rivers would be one of the most attractive parts of the job. The Chargers needs to build around Rivers, who turns 31 in December, has three more years left on his contract. He is still the face of the team.

Matt from Chandler, Az. wants to know if I think the Chiefs could trade for Seattle’s Matt Flynn.

BW: Flynn would likely be better than Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel for the rest of the season, but he probably wouldn’t be an ideal option for the future, and that is what the Chiefs are looking at. They want a future starter. Now, if the Chiefs don’t find a quarterback they like in the draft or through trades or free agency next year, maybe Flynn could be an option. But jumping on him now might not be the smartest move.

Pat from Lancaster, Pa. wants to know if I think the Raiders’ offensive problems start up front.

BW: Yes, Pat, I think that is a big reason. Oakland coach Dennis Allen said as much last week. The holes aren’t being opened in the running game, and quarterback Carson Palmer was hammered last week against Jacksonville. The offensive line is a work in progress as it shifts to the zone-blocking schemes. The transition is taking time, and it is hurting the offense. Getting things right is on everyone, from offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and offensive coach Frank Pollack to the players. It’s almost mid-season. It’s time the kinks are worked out.