Chat wrap: Thomas over Bryant smart pick

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, held Thursday:


Bill from Corona CA.: Does the pick of Thomas over Dez Bryant (taken two picks ahead of Bryant and a GREAT pick looking back) make up for the pick of Tebow a few picks later?

Bill Williamson: Two different things because you don't want to waste the No. 25 pick. But standing alone, the choices of Thomas over Bryant ended up being one of the few smart things Josh McDaniels did in Denver. It was criticized at the time. Looks brilliant now.


Nick from York, NE.: Rumors are abound about Bill Cowher coming to KC to coach, have you heard anything about this, or is it all hot air?

BW: Cowher would be a great choice and it would fire up the fan base. But do the Hunts to want to swallow all the money it would take to make it happen? The way the fan base is right now, they might not have a choice.


Rob from Louisville, KY.: Do you see the Raiders getting rid of Seymour and Kelly next year?

BW: Right now, I'd guess yes. More changes are coming and the team needs to get younger. I'd say Seymour is a more likely chance to go, but I can see both of them being in their final days as Raiders


Hugh from Milwaukee: BW, outside the usual re-treads (Cowher, Gruden, etc) and with a 7-9 season the horizon, who are some names out there to consider for the Bolts? Not a chance Norv is back.

BW: Chip Kelly, Bruce Arians? Both may be high-radar guys. I think because of Rivers, the Chargers will look for an offensive-minded coach if they make a change and those guys could be possibilities.