Mailbag: O-line Rivers' big problem?

Weekend mail call:

Craig from Singapore wants to know if I think Denver linebacker Wesley Woodyard will make the Pro Bowl.

Bill Williamson: He is currently second in fan voting. So, he has a nice start. Usually, big-name linebackers with big sack numbers get voted into the Pro Bowl. Woodyard is a lesser-known player, but he is a tackling machine and he is certainly deserving of serious consideration.

Jack from Great Falls, Mont., wants to know why the Chiefs’ defense was penalized for celebrating a touchdown that was nullified by review.

BW: Rules are rules. Yes, it was hard for the Chiefs’ to swallow. But they initiated an illegal celebration and they were flagged for it. It doesn't matter that they didn’t get the touchdown. It is a good lesson to the Chiefs that there are consequences for silly decisions.

Ray from San Diego wants to know if I think some of Philip Rivers’ problems have been caused by offensive line issues.

BW: There have been injuries on the offensive line in the past two years in San Diego and that is certainly a reason why the Chargers’ offense isn’t as strong as it can be. But Rivers’ biggest problem is making silly interceptions and I think that is more on him than any other issue going on with this offense.