AFC West Stock Watch


The San Diego Chargers offense: The quarterback (who, in all fairness, didn’t turn the ball over in Week 12) can’t hold onto the ball. The line can’t block. The running backs can’t gain yardage. The receivers can’t get open and the star tight end isn’t making an impact anymore. Other than that, this offense is explosive.

The Oakland Raiders on the road: The Raiders are 1-5 on the road this season. Their only road win was at Kansas City. The Chiefs are 0-6 at home this season. Oakland was 5-3 on the road last season.

The art of the touchdown in Kansas City: The Kansas City Chiefs have scored a total of 15 points in the past two games. All 15 points have come on field goals. The Chiefs’ last touchdown came 16 days and 11 quarters ago at Pittsburgh.


The Denver Broncos' chances of celebrating a division title soon: All the Broncos (8-3) need is one win or one loss by San Diego in the final five games to win their second straight division title. The Broncos haven’t won back-to-back AFC West crowns since 1986-87.

Chargers highlights being shown: One of the most replayed plays of the NFL season features our very own Chargers -- for all the wrong reasons. That’s what happens when a team allows a conversion on fourth and 29 as the Chargers did on Ray Rice’s unforgettable catch-and-run in a play that spurred an unlikely Baltimore overtime win on Sunday. This one will be difficult for San Diego to shake.

The chances of three top-10 draft picks coming to the AFC West: The Chiefs have lost eight straight games. The Raiders have lost just four straight games. The Chargers have lost three straight games and six of seven games. The three teams have eight combined wins which matches the win total of first-place Denver. If things continue to unravel, all three teams should be picking very high in the draft, beginning with Kansas City at No. 1. We may not see much of the AFC West in January, but it could dominate on a late Thursday night in April.