You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

We had a close call in this week’s “you pick it” feature for the story of the week in the AFC West.

The winner in a tight race was Denver coach Josh McDaniels beating mentor Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots to go to 5-0. It edged out Tony Dungy saying he advised Michael Vick against signing with the Raiders. The other candidate was San Diego general manager A.J. Smith calling the Chargers soft and linebacker Shawne Merriman saying Smith’s comments were unnecessary.

I think the story of the week was McDaniels beating Belichick. Denver is the story of the NFL right now and the win over the Patriots was huge.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Cristian from Modesto, Ca: hey bill i think the story of the week is Dungy telling Vick not to go to Oakland. I think that he should have let him go because the Raiders really need a good QB right and need to get rid of the bust JaMarcus Russel. As a raider fan i would have loved to see Vick in a Raiders uniform. Josh McDaniels beating Bill Billicheck is not as surprising i knew his team was going to win.

Scott Seals from Fresno, CA: McDaniels tops mentor - Wow - what a finish to that chess match. It's not often that teams are able to beat the Patriots in the final moments of a game...much less OT. Matter a fact, Tom Brady was unbeaten in OT if im not mistaken. I'm certainly not a Denver fan...but Congratulations to McDaniels and team for finishing off the Patriots!!Dungy advising Vick to stay out of Oakland didn't take a Dr. Phil session to figure out...that's a no brainer. The team and the night life in the bay are more trouble than he needs.

Shane from Denver, Co: I think the story of the week is Tony Dungy's comments. The Denver story has been played out in the national media, and there is really nothing else there to explore. The San Diego story just isn't that interesting. One of the all-time great guys in the NFL advising one of the all-time worst guys in the NFL not to go to a franchise because it would not be good for him is really interesting. The Raiders have been thought as a destination for castoffs and bad boys, and now it seems like that image is going to start hurting them in free agency instead of helping them. This has been talked about a little by NFL analysts who have either never played, or by analysts who have been away from the game for a long time. It really resonates when someone of Dungy's stature says something like that.

Jason from Parker,CO: McD over the pat's is the obvious choice for this week.So far, McD has taken a team with no heart and turned them into a team that may not be the best on paper, but looks like one of the best on the field!!This win over the pat's just continues to solidify that as the "NFL EXPERTS" all continue to eat crow for thinking the team would be 4-12

Aaron from Fort Collins, CO: McDaniels beating out his mentor is the top story. Going into the season the Broncos were expected to be under .500 and after four weeks, everyone expected the "real" Broncos to show up and get dominated. Nolan gets half credit if it were me, not allowing either Dallas or New England to score a point in the second half- not too shabby.

Mike from Virginia Beach, VA: BW, the you pick it has to be the surprising 5-0 start of J. McDaniels and the Broncos! No one saw this coming and being a Broncos fan, I was merely hoping it would happen. As far as the Chargers go, and Smith calling them soft, sometimes the truth hurts. Same with Dungy telling him not to go to Oakland. Who would want to go to Oakland? Nothing good comes out from there and look at the chemistry they have going on. He did Vick a favor.

Chris from Littleton, CO: Just because it has been so under reported, the fact that Tony Dungy said on national television that he told Vick not to play for the Raiders is huge. There has been no response from the Raiders (that I have seen online) and little commentary. We all know the Raiders have turned into a joke, but this really solidifies it. When is the NFL going to step in and send Al to a retirement home?

Derrick Mann from Golden, CO: I'm a Broncos fan, but I'd have to pick the Smith/Merriman storyline as the most intriguing. If the Bolts don't respond well to the adversity I don't see how their season can be salvaged. As you said, this isn't a totally must-win game for them, but they at least need a moral victory here. Get blown out at home, where they are favored by 4 points, and you might as well stick the proverbial fork in them.