Chat wrap: Raiders' keepers on D

A look at some of the highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


John from Boulder: Looking ahead, assuming the Broncos are at home, how do you think they match up with the Patriots in the divisional round? The defense hasn't been able to stop them in the past two years and they now have Hernandez back. They also appear to be playing better on defense since trading for Talib. Should I be afraid?

Bill Williamson: I think New England is Denver's worst matchup, especially because of the tight ends. Denver has to get that game at home. That's why last week was so big.

Kansas City

Josh from Kansas City: Who is going to be the Chiefs #1 WR next year? Is Bowe good as gone?

BW: Very good question. Depends on the regime. Maybe Bowe is re-signed. Baldwin sure doesn't look like he is ready.


Tarek from NYC: If you were the Raiders who on defense would be safe for 2013?For me it's Houston, Wheeler, Burris, Huff, Branch and Adams.

BW: At first glance, that seems about right. Adams is just a backup-type. Maybe put Shaughnessy in there. Bryant too.

San Diego

A.J. from Richmond CA.: Assuming SD brings in a new GM and coach, how far off are they from competing for a SB?

BW: They got a QB and a good, young defense. Rest of offense has to be on fixed.