Chat wrap: Good San Diego fit

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


John from Neb.: With the way he's played, do you see Knowshon Moreno back in Denver next season?

Bill Williamson: Why not? Now that he is finally producing, you have to keep him, right?

Kansas City

Trevor from Hutchinson, KS.: Do you think Peyton Hillis will be a chief next year?

BW: It depends on who is leading the Chiefs. His star has fallen, so I don't think he will get big money elsewhere So if he likes working with Charles and the Chiefs want him back, I could see him returning at a modest piece.


Tarek from NYC: If Dennis Allen stays in Oakland for another year, do Tarver and Knapp comeback as well? Hopefully we have seen the end of Knapp in Oakland.

BW: I'd think Knapp may be in some trouble. I could see Tarver getting more time. But it may be above Allen. If Mark Davis wants anybody gone, they'll be gone.

San Diego

Coast Guard Guy from Seattle: If you had to pick one guy who could realistically be the replacement for Norv next season who would you think it would be?

BW: I think there are a few guys out there, but I can see Bruce Arians being at the top of the list.