Chat wrap: Revis-Sutton reunion in K.C.?

Here is a look at our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


McNutty from In the Greenhouse: No way Rahim Moore returns as the starter in Denver, right?

Bill Williamson: (Moore being the starter) is the plan. Yes, Moore goes down in history or that gaffe, but he had a good season. Denver has to help he can get over that play. It worked for Kyle Williams in San Francisco, and Denver hopes Moore can get over it and resume a promising career as well.

Kansas City

JJ from Indy: With Brandon Carr leaving and the Stanford Routt experiment failing miserably, does it make sense for the Chiefs to talk to the Jets about Revis? Any guesses on asking price for an elite corner on a 1 year deal with a bum knee?

BW: Any team that trades for Revis will likely give him a new deal. I think KC could be on the list for Revis. It doesn't have a ton of needs and grabbing player like Revis would instantly make this a terrific defense. Remember, the Chiefs' new defensive coordinator is Bob Sutton, who has been with Revis his entire NFL career, including being his coordinator in Revis' first two seasons. Sutton would likely over to start his KC career with Revis.


Preston from Nanjing, China: With the apparent switch on offensive line philosophy do you see (Mike) Brisiel's job in jeopardy in Oakland? Are there any power scheme OL available in FA?

BW: There's no doubt Brisiel is more of a zone-blocking guy. He could be kept because Oakland has so many other needs, but he is a much better fit for the old scheme.

San Diego

James from San Diego: Are the Chargers looking to bring back Danario Alexander and Micheal Spurlock ?

BW: Alexander will be a restricted FA and Spurlock is an UFA, With Bisaccia on likely on his way to Dallas, Spurlock could end up there. Spurlock and Bisaccia are tight and that's the reason why he came to San Diego in the first place.