Mailbag: What to do with Philip Rivers?

Mid-week mail call:

Andrew MacAllister from San Francisco wants to know if I think the Chargers should trade quarterback Philip Rivers.

Bill Williamson: Both new general manager Tom Telesco and new head coach Mike McCoy said the top allure of the job was the presence of Rivers in San Diego. They plan on winning around Rivers. They know Rivers has been off a bit in the past two seasons. But they think he can be fixed and they feel he will shine with a better supporting cast. So, watch for the Chargers to build around Rivers, 31, as opposed to getting rid of him. But, of course, that could all change if Rivers has a poor season in 2013. Then, the team may look to make a change.

Dillon Caster from Grand Junction, Co., wants to know if I think Derek Wolfe can replace Elvis Dumervil as a pass-rusher in Denver.

BW: Well, Wolfe will not replace Dumervil because they play different positions. But I think Wolfe can help make up for the loss of Dumervil by continuing to improve. He had six sacks last season and he improved steadily. He has a good pass-rush burst and he looks like a good, all-around defensive end. So, he will help. Still, Denver needs another pure pass-rusher to help star Von Miller.

Tanner from the USS John C. Stennis wants to know if I think Donald Stephenson could be the Chiefs’ right tackle this season.

BW: He has a chance. He played some last year and he has ability. The team also added veteran Geoff Schwartz, who could play. The right tackle position is still up in the air in Kansas City, but Stephenson could find himself in the mix.