Could Falcons fly up to top-3 picks?

Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Atlanta Falcons would like to trade up from the No. 30 overall pick in next week’s draft. The Falcons need a cornerback. The top cornerback is Alabama’s Dee Milliner.

Could the Falcons be so interested in Milliner that they would move all the way up to the Kansas City Chiefs’ spot (No. 1) or the Oakland Raiders’ spot (No. 3)? It’s possible. Atlanta made a huge leap two years ago to get Julio Jones.

But the Falcons may not feel the need to get into the top three picks to get Milliner. The cornerback class is strong so the Falcons may not have to go up too far to find a corner.

Also, there is no guarantee the Chiefs or Raiders would feel comfortable with what the Falcons were offering. While both teams are willing to move down, taking just any offer could be counterproductive.

In other AFC West notes: