Chat wrap: Pryor needs to make push now

Here is a transcript of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Jake from St. Louis, Mo.: Has Denver sufficiently replaced Dumervil or do you think another pass-rusher will be added? Thank you!

Bill Williamson: Well, Ayers is going to be the base starter with Phillips and Q. Smith replacing Doom on passing downs. I think in the end, they will be fine. Dumervil, will be missed, but these guys can make up for it as a group. It would be a lot more difficult if Dumervil was the team's top pass-rusher. But he was second to Von Miller.

Kansas City

Nathan M. from Texas.: Depth Chart for TE in KC? Fasano, Kelce, Moeaki?

BW: TBA. Depends on Moeaki's health and how quickly Kelce figures it out.


David from Illinois: Do they really think that less of Pryor, and thought he deserved a shot next year?

BW: I think Pryor needs to start fast in training camp. If he struggles and Wilson shines, there will be no looking back. Wilson is this regime's player. He gets the benefit of the doubt. Once he leapfrogs Pryor, there is no looking back. So Pryor needs to show he is improved and he is the player to push Flynn early in camp or risk being buried.

San Diego

Mike from Temecula, Calif.: Hi Bill; Hope the Chargers sign McKinnie. But if that falls through, do you feel they would target Max Starks for a year or two or what other options are out there

BW: Not many. Starks if not McKinnie. I expect whoever is signed to get a one-year deal. The Chargers will then try to draft or sign a top LT next year.