Early-week mail call

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Not surprisingly, questions and comments regarding the controversy in Denver involving the Chargers and Broncos dominate the chatter.

Cameron from San Diego: hey bill I was wondering why philip rivers isnt getting any credit. everyone is talking about jay cutler but if you look at the stats rivers has thrown just as many touchdowns and only has 1 interception that should have been overturned. he also showed he can come back from behind, there has just been a shaky defence in sd
BW: You are right, Cameron. Rivers had a heck of a game. He was tremendous in the second half against Denver. The Chargers are his team. With LaDainian Tomlinson dealing with a turf toe and the Chargers' defense struggling, this is becoming Rivers' team. And it is evident the Chargers are in good hands.

Tyler from Maize: "No one wanted to go to overtime, least of all Chargers coach Norv Turner, so San Diego pulled the trigger on the two-point attempt. I doubt we'll see that in a couple of weeks." From your blog during the preseason, i wonder if Turner would have made the call in shanahans shoes.
BW: I think very few coaches would make that call, especially at home. That's why it's been three years since it was last tried.

Scott from Honolulu: Just a thought, Last week you asked about the best rivalry in the AFC West. Well I think that after the game this past weekend the Chargers-Broncos rivalry is going to heat up and the game in December will be downright nasty regardless of the standing at that time.
BW: You're right, this rivalry is not at red alert. The two teams finish the regular season Dec. 28 at San Diego. It could have serious playoff implications. Can you imagine how fired up San Diego fans are going to be for that game?

Heather from San Diego: After the "technical difficulties" in yesterdays game, shouldnt it be fair that if the equipment isnt working that they use network footage to review? Because they screwed up and the Chargers received an unfair call on that. The officiating on that game was very one-sided and questionable all around. The team shouldnt have to suffer for it.
BW: Good point, Heather. I was stunned by that decision. There has to be a backup plan. For the play to be ignored by the officials because of a machine not working is not acceptable. There were television replays to be utilized and they weren't. While the Jay Cutler fumble at the end of the game was the focus of the controversy, this call in the first quarter was also huge.

Tony from Anchorage ak: Who do you think the head coach will be in KC next season? I hate to say it but I miss Marty at least we were in the playoffs then... I would really like to see Bill Cowher coaching for KC next year.
BW: At this point, I still think Herman Edwards and Carl Peterson will be back in Kansas City. However, if they both get blown out, Bill Cowher isn't a bad call. He would be both the GM and the coach. Many people around the league look at the Kansas City situation as a prime one. But the Chiefs' ownership is expected to be patient because of the team's youth.

Jeff from Denver: I understand San Diego fans are upset but do they really think that fumble was the only bad call? From my count there were about 5 bad calls hitting both teams that could have changed the outcome. Does Norv not tell his team you have to rise above the penalties and bad calls. San Diego gave up over 450 yards of offense and was held to 80 yards rushing. That is the real problem. Don't complain how you were robbed or that the officials cost you the game. Hey Norv, "Your team cost you the game first. Be a man and hold your team accountable" Just my thoughts, Bronco Fan Taking a Sick day
BW: Yes, there were many questionable calls. I didn't think it was a very well called game.

Aron from Milwaukee, WI: Bill, who do you think is mostly likely to be the next Raider coach if Kiffin is fired on monday? What are your thoughs on how bad JaMarcus Russell, and Darren McFadden played against KC
BW: I think, if Kiffin is fired during the season, a current Oakland assistant such as James Lofton. Tom Rathman or Rob Ryan would get the interim job. As for Russell, he needs more seasoning. He still has a long way to go. I think this entire season will be a work in progress for him. I love McFadden. He is a star in the making.

CJ : Not like this will be posted cause my questions never are but you still think Den will finish 3rd in the division? I hate when people bag on a team because of previous seasonal performance and not take into account any off-season moves or early play.
BW: We have to make predictions before the season. It's a crap shoot. No, at this point, I'd rather not have picked Denver third.

Gus: Bill, if the Chiefs find themselves winless at the trade deadline and are still struggling with the QB situation do you think they consider trading LJ? After all they are rebuilding and have some depth at RB. What do you think?
BW: Johnson will be difficult to trade unless he shows his pre-2007 form. He has a big contract and unless a team was desperate, Kansas City probably wouldn't get much in return for Johnson at this point.