Better times ahead in 2016?

Let’s face it: The AFC West has not been a great division the past five years.

It is the only division in the NFL during that time span not to send a team to the Super Bowl and no team has even qualified for the AFC championship game.

Are better times ahead? Well, I kind of think so, but not everyone does. In an Insider piece, a group of experts offer the NFL future Power Rankings for 2016.Insider It is based on several facets.

According to the experts, not much is expected from the AFC West. The panel has Denver ranked as the No. 11 team, Kansas City No. 12 team, San Diego No. 25 team and Oakland No. 31.

In some ways I get the low rankings. The future is all about quarterbacking. None of the AFC West teams have a quarterback who can be completely counted on in three years. So I get it.

But there are some quality young players on all four rosters. Thus, I bet once we actually get to the 2016 season, things will look brighter in the division.