AFC West updates: While I was out

I wanted to circle back to a couple of the major AFC West storylines that occurred while I was on vacation:

Denver arrests: The Broncos were in the national spotlight after the drunk driving arrests of executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert. Both are serving suspensions. Everything I’ve heard jibes with reports -- the Broncos are beyond upset at these two guys because they embarrassed the franchise.

While Heckert is out a month, Russell will have to try hard to regain the trust of the organization to work in Denver again. The Broncos love Russell professionally, as he's a young and bright executive, but this incident has really hurt his career. The franchise wants to make sure Russell's life is in order before he returns to work.

The left tackles: The Broncos signed left tackle Ryan Clady to a long-term deal. The division’s other franchised left tackle, Branden Albert went unsigned. Earlier in the offseason, it appeared Albert had a better chance of being secured to a long-term deal than Clady, but as with many contract dealings, the process is fluid.

From what I hear, Albert would rather have a long-term deal now. But he understands he is making nearly $10 million in 2013. Thus, he realizes he is not being treated unfairly. The two sides will decide after the season if they want to continue their relationship. If not, No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher will move from the right side to the left side in 2014 and Albert will walk in free agency.