Young quarterbacks battle in Oakland

One of the more interesting depth-chart stories in the AFC West is developing in Oakland where one rookie quarterback is trying to stave off another.

Shortly after he was drafted in the fourth round, there was heavy speculation that Arkansas product Tyler Wilson had a chance to play this year in Oakland if starter Matt Flynn faltered and Terrelle Pryor failed to develop.

That still could happen. But for now, Wilson has to worry about keeping the No. 3 job more than anything else. He has lost some snaps to fellow rookie Matt McGloin. The Penn State product has been impressive in recent practices.

Wilson has ability, but he has not been consistent. That is a chief reason why he fell in the draft.

This battle is intriguing for a lot of reasons. The Raiders’ future at quarterback is wide open. If either one of these players’ shows he can handle it, they have a chance to be the long-term answer at the position for the franchise.

It also shows the Raiders' brass is open minded about its players. If an undrafted player like McGloin outplays more valued prospect like Wilson, he will win the job. This is a strong message to the rest of the roster. It shows opportunity is there for anyone.

In the end, I expect both Wilson and McGloin to be on the roster barring a complete breakdown by either player. Quarterbacks are too valued in this league for the Raiders to try to cut one of these players and stash them on the practice squad.

Keeping four quarterbacks on the roster is unusual, but I don’t think Oakland is ready to cut ties with Pryor yet. So, stashing these youngsters on the roster because of future potential may be the way Raiders go.