Mailbag: Danario Alexander's future

Mid-week mail call:

Nate Peppers from Santa Barbara, Calif., wants to know if I think the Chargers will re-sign receiver Danario Alexander next year.

Bill Williamson: If Alexander plays next year, I’d think it will be in San Diego. The team loves his attitude and potential, and he is good fit. Alexander likes San Diego. He is 25 and has suffered a number of serious injuries -- with the torn anterior cruciate ligament he sustained in his right knee earlier this month just the latest. If Alexander can come back, the Chargers should jump on him. But sadly, his injury history means it's unlikely they can count on him. He’d have to earn a roster spot, but he has the ability to do so.

John from Missouri wants to know if I think another team would sign quarterback Ricky Stanzi if the Chiefs cut him.

BW: It’s a quarterback-hungry league. Every team needs three, and there aren’t many good ones out there. Stanzi is still young and he’s very bright. I think he’d find himself in another quarterback room somewhere in the league if he is beaten out by undrafted rookie Tyler Bray.

Todd Stevens from Queens Creek, Ariz., wants to know if I think rookie Matt McGloin could supplant Terrelle Pryor as the Raiders’ backup quarterback this season.

BW: A lot would have to happen for McGloin to leap over Pryor. But if Pryor remains inconsistent and McGloin makes big strides, it is certainly possible. All options are open concerning Oakland’s quarterbacks in the immediate future.