Raiders' rivalry sour at home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- All rivalries have their quirky periods when some strange, unexplainable things happen. The rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders has this: Oakland has won each of the past six games against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Now, the Chiefs have had some miserable teams during that period. But they’ve also had a division championship team in 2010 and would have had another the next season had they been able to beat the Raiders at home in December.

The one constant: The Raiders have been lousy during that time. From 2006 through 2012 the Raiders won just 17 road games with six of those victories happening in Kansas City. During the streak, they’ve been coached by four different men (Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson and Dennis Allen) and quarterbacked by four different players (Daunte Culpepper, JaMarcus Russell, Jason Campbell and Carson Palmer).

The Chiefs get their chance to end this particular losing streak Sunday when the Raiders come to Arrowhead. They are 5-0 and 10-point favorites and all sorts of negative streaks are ending this season with the Chiefs being coached by Andy Reid, so it’s probable this one’s days are few.

But who thought the Raiders would win any of these games?

2007: The Raiders won 20-17 after the Chiefs’ Kolby Smith failed to convert late in the fourth quarter on 4th-and-1 from the Oakland 24.

2008: The Raiders rushed for 300 yards in a 23-8 win.

2009: Oakland scored the go-ahead touchdown with 1:07 left in the fourth quarter to win 13-10.

2010: The Raiders rushed for 209 yards yards in a 31-10 win.

2011: Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 36-yard field goal in overtime to give the Raiders a 16-13 win.

2012: Four turnovers doomed the Chiefs to a 26-16 defeat.

The Chiefs are tied with the Broncos for the AFC West lead, so they have bigger things to worry about on Sunday. But even coach Andy Reid was in the spirit of things on Monday.

“I’m all about rivalries,’’ Reid said. “I’ve got it. Black and silver, if anybody’s wearing it, be careful.’’